→  A selection of my own pet projects I loved bringing to life. Pursued out of deep enthusiasm, interest, or love for the particular subject.
↑ Limb
Playing with the flawed nature of AI hallucinatED LIMBS By pulling THEM into the art space, putting this into A new context. 
↑ Nike Rhino. ​​​​​​​
Concept pitch. Sound design by Adnan Alicic.​​​​​​​
↑ And Then I Vanish.
A surreal motion poem, SOUND DESIGN BY Oliver Salkic. Part of the "kinesis" exhibition AT THE P61 Gallery, Berlin, in MARCH 2024. LiCENSED FOR ADULT SWIM's "OFF THE AIR" S13 EP2.​​​​​​​
↑ Stuck.
SPATIAL Explorations in UNREAL ENGINE 5.​​​​​​​
↑ The Portrait.
Miniature PASSion project. Sound design by Sean Crowley.​​​​​​​
↑ Entomique.
From shimmering beetle wings to delicate butterfly antennae, thEse accessories are a celebration of nature and a testament to the artistry oF AI algorithms. Part of the "kinesis" exhibition, P61 Gallery, Berlin, in MARCH 2024.​​​​​​​
↑ Damage State.
A hallucinogenic cycle of damage, decaY and absorption. Sound design by Sean Crowley.​​​​​​​
↑ Randoms.
Random snippets from the past. Exploring form and motion. Music by Mattia Cupelli.​​​​​​​
↑ Black Stone.
PROOF OF CONCEPT FOR JUMBLA. This alternae version puts a stronger emphasis on A graphical APPROACH and focusses more on compositIoN.
↑ Ex Nihilo.
Unreal Engine 5 exploration of WORLD BUILDING WITH Lumen and Nanite.​​​​​​​
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